Book Review for Corvus & Me

Corvus & Me is an interesting novel that would appeal to Young Adult readers. It is a wonderful coming of age story that contains many elements that Young Adult readers enjoy in a good adventure story: Personification, symbolism, animals, and suspense. It explores a variety of feelings that Canadian youth constantly struggle with as members of society who are trying to find their voice and trying to find an identity. In her novel, author Joelle Hubner-McLean’s protagonist, Janine is struggling to find her own identity, as she struggles with feelings of alienation, confusion, cruelty, grief, and self-worthlessness; all feelings which today’s youth struggle with.

In an instant of being selfish (a feeling which we all engage in at some point or another), protagonist Janine is involved in an accident and hits her head on an icy slope. In order to regain consciousness and find her true identity, Janine is faced with a challenging mission through which she must persevere. Although Janine is faced with many obstacles, she is reminded that she must continue to have faith in herself and keep going no matter what she is faced with, something today’s youth must also remember.

Corvus & Me is a story of hope that reminds us we aren’t alone in the world, and that there always is a light at the end of the tunnel. And, it isn’t always a person who reminds us that we are not alone. Animals often provide us with a feeling of comfort when we feel we have been abandoned and left in the dark, and this is exactly what Corvus does for Janine. Although they often bicker back and forth, it is Corvus who always provides Janine with a source of comfort and guarantees for protection.

Furthermore, Hubner-McLean examines a variety of subjects that are being given significant reflection in our schools. Corvus & Me examines issues which many in Canada’s multicultural society often question including: Cultural identity, Language barriers, as well as the traits in today’s Character Education agenda: Teamwork Respect Courage Optimism Responsibility Kindness Integrity Honesty Empathy, and Perseverance.

A wonderful read filled with symbolism, culture, identity, and feelings that we all feel at one point or another in our lives, Corvus & Me is an exciting adventure that I hope will continue on in the future.

Written by Allison Davis (a former Teacher Librarian at Bayview Heights Public School in Pickering).

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