About the Author

Joëlle Hübner-McLean was born in Nancy, France and landed as an immigrant with her parents to Canada as a Displaced Person (DP) in the early 1950’s. She graduated from Trent University, Peterborough, Ontario with an Honours degree in Cultural/Native Studies and a Bachelor of Education from York University, Toronto, Ontario with Additional qualifications as a Special Education Specialist. Hübner-McLean retired from teaching in the secondary level from York Region School Board and presently, living in the outskirts of Perth, Ontario.

Some key qualities and accomplishments Hübner-McLean has accumulated during her life are: the published author of Corvus and Me in 2012; published author for a local newspaper, Coaststar in St. Augustine, Quebec, Labrador, Newfoundland and Ottawa; published author for the website, http//www.wildviolet.net/birthday_blue/leon.html; assistant head of Special Education and a retired teacher of Special Education and Resourcing in the Secondary level. Press article from Perth Courier Newspaper; The Women’s Status of Canada also recognized her in 2002; Lake 88.1 Radio show and Book signing at the Book Nook, Perth, Ontario 2012. On March 14, 2013, promoting and interviewed at Rogers/TVO Ottawa. Recognized member of Worldwide Who’s Who Branding and was part of the Writer’s Festival of Ottawa, August 23, 2014 promoting and signing her books at the Crystal Palace in Perth, Ontario..

Joëlle became a Secondary teacher in Special Education and English so that she could give her students a chance to express themselves. Starting as a businesswoman in retail at an early age and then a teacher was a path that enhanced Joëlle’s knowledge and experience in the field of helping and molding youngster’s minds. Therefore, when young people read a book, Hübner-McLean wants them to be part of the story; a method that Hübner-McLean has adopted into her writing style.