Corvus & MeA thrilling and adventurous collaboration of characters and places…

The book Corvus and Me by Joëlle Hübner-McLean, illustrates how a little girl overcomes her state of loneliness and becomes a heroine in another dimension. It is a thrilling and adventurous collaboration of characters and places where imagination is needed in order to explore. The book gives the main character, Janine, a chance to prove to herself that she is worthy and significant to a world outside of her own…

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“Mama! Mama! Where are you?” The, skinny, five year old girl walked in circles, crying.

            The strange men were burning down her village. People screaming, sobbing and dying. The voyageurs that had picked up the furs watched from a distance as the stricken smallpox Ojibwa people perished in front of their eyes on the peninsula. Her family, who had always loved her, was not responding. Fear set in as she tried to find them, but the flames were too high and her skin began to sear from the heat. Wandering aimlessly, crying, wiping her stinging tears from her face, she tried calling once more.

            “Please, Mama, answer me! Where are you?” she screamed with all her might. She sat by the burning corpse. “Where are you?” she whimpered. Her strength gone, gasping and wheezing, she lay down beside the dead body and knew her life would soon be over. Her favorite sky blue wool dress, embroidered with white beads and small shells, was ruined. It like, the white ribbon wrapped around her braided, black, silky hair, and her new moccasins  were covered in ash.

Afraid, hopeless and shattered, the young native girl struggled to breathe and see. It was not until that moment she felt something tugging her from the rubble, away from the flames. As she tried to open her sore eyes, she thought she saw a grey wolf, or the spirit of a wolf, but passed out without knowing for sure.

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Joëlle Hübner-McLean was born in Nancy, France and landed as an immigrant with her parents to Canada... » Continue Reading

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